wine merchant and purchase office

  • What makes Scodex Wines so competitive?

    The secret to our (your) success is that the main portion of our wine purchases are done in bulk, as it is traditionally less expensive to buy bulk wine in Bordeaux than it is to buy a wine already bottled by the producer.

    Our Know-How:

    • The preparation of the wines at the Château: analysis, bonding, filtration..
    • The bottling at the château under our control.
    • Creation of packaging, adapted to your market: labels, capsules, cardboard, bottles, corks…
    • The storage in quality warehouse (SICSOE)
  • Our services:

    • we are constantly looking for the best value for the money amongst the “PETITS CHÄTEAUX” of Bordeaux
    • Research on personalized demand
    • Creation of private packaging and adapted to your specific market.
    • Creation of cuvees and blends;
    • Negotiation of Exclusivity

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  • Our strongest endorsement : our customers:


    • Colruy/Delhaize/Makro/Champion/Cora…


    • Taster Wine/ Erik Sorensen…


    • Hawesko /Buhermann / Wein Wolf…


    • Baarsma Wine group /Delcaves group / Boomsma…


    • Gallerie du vin


    • Trader Joes /Touton Ltd / Wine Warehouse…


    • AC Winexpo, Wincharm, Sunshine Creek…
  • Our actual figures:

    • more than 2 million bottles
    • Turnover:6.5 M€
    • 95% on export

    The wines distributed: